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1-2-3 Gluten free is the US artisanal producer of gluten free baking mixes. Click Cuisine makes sure that your favorite baked treats can be made easily with pre-mixed gluten-free mixes, available in a range of flavors. This allergen-free product is recommended for celiac sufferers, and those on a gluten-free diet.

There is a special story behind 1-2-3 Gluten Free’s founder Kim Ullner. At the age of three her older sister was diagnosed with celiac disease and Kim grew up seeing her sister trying to cope with the challenges of keeping a gluten-free diet. In 2004, when her two nieces and nephew were diagnosed with celiac disease, she went on a mission to create great tasting quick and easy gluten-free products.

Many of the mixes are named for children in the family who are proud to see their names on the store shelves. 1-2-3 Gluten Free is truly a family affair- all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, are involved in the business. 

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Alpro is the European leader in soya-based food and drinks, creating natural plant-based foods with consideration for consumer health and environmentally friendly process.

The benefits of Soya milk are well known, and it is widely recognized as the first choice of consumers looking for an alternative to milk. Made of 100% vegetable, soya milk is entirely plant based- meaning it does not contain dairy or lactose, making it suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people who are lactose intolerant.

Alpro Soya Milk is a perfect companion for the modern kitchen, suitable as a replacement for milk in baking, cooking and in desserts. It is also suitable for mixing with hot beverages such as tea or coffee (try a Soyaccino!); and cold beverages as a smoothie, in milkshakes or simply served with ice. 

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Arizona Beverages USA is a flavored ice-tea manufacturer based in Woodbury, New York. ESF currently distributes the American producer’s iconic flavored iced tea, made with 100% natural ingredients. Arizona's first product, "Arizona Green Tea", was first made available in 1992. Their products are sweetened with high fructose corn, with “light” and “diet” varieties sweetened with sucralose. The beverage comes in attractive 16oz packaging, and is available in 12 packs

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Aqua Coco

Aqua Coco likes to keep things simple, harvesting the best tender coconuts and obtaining natural goodness at the perfect time. Aqua Coco (Coconut Water) is quite simply a treasure of Mother Nature. A liquid powerhouse of wellbeing nutrients, that works in complete harmony with your body. 

Aqua Coco tastes delicious and fresh due to its simple production process. It is a natural sports drink but has multiple benefits due to its unique combination of minerals, vitamins and salts.

Aqua Coco is flash pasteurized to preserve the nutrients and give it a shelf life of 12 months. It can be stored at room temperature when unopened. Since no preservatives are used, Aqua coco must be refrigerated and used within 2 days once opened.

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Bakbel is the fruits division of Bakels- the leading Dutch group in pastry and bakery ingredients since 1904. Offering a wide range of fruit fillings, glazes and pastry fills; all Bakbel products are made with high fruit content to guarantee natural flavor and color.

Their products are perfect for the professional chef at home. Fruit fillings are made using whole pieces of cube-cut fruit, La Pomme is their specialty, and has a concentration of 90% Apple filling (using only Jonagold Belgium Apples). Their glazes are perfect for giving pastries and appetizing shine, and sealing in freshness. They have also introduced innovative pastry fills, that are between jam and fruit filling, and is useful for sticking pastry layers together.

All products offered by Click Cuisines are available in different flavors. Brighten up your pastries with one of them, today!

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One of the most recognized Italian food brands, Barilla pasta has been supplying the world with quality pasta since 1877. Pasta is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, and eaten with the right ingredients has been proven to help people stay healthier and live longer.

With a firm belief that food is the key to well being, as diets evolve Barilla has also developed to match the needs of the modern kitchen. Besides the normal “Blue Box” (La Collezione) range, you will find here also the Selezione Oro Chef (made from superior durum wheat) range and Emiliane Chef (for professional chefs) range.

Barilla is the choice of Italy, and Click Cuisine is honored to bring you the largest variety of pasta and pasta sauces available in the UAE, so you too can make the perfect choice for your kitchen.

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Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman is the unrivalled market leader in Europe for preserves, its consistent quality of unique products has also gained the brand success worldwide. With a minimum fruit content of 50%, using no colorings, preservatives or artificial flavorings, Bonne Maman preserves are produced with the utmost care in fruit selection, cooking techniques and packaging materials

Inspired by the generosity and tenderness of ‘grandmothers’, the brand brings back sweet tastes and delicious memories of traditional French delights. The recognizable red and white gingham lid has become a symbol of tasteful and classic desserts, jams and preserves for the health conscious, to the decadent foodie.

Click Cuisine endeavors to bring you the best and most sophisticated range of preserves straight from France. 

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Cape Foods

From Cape Town, South Africa, comes Cape Foods- the purveyor of fine foods, whose quality seasonings come in innovative packaging. Their trendy, convenient and award winning products include Smart Spice, Popcorn Delights and specialty seasoning blends.

Their unique recipes add an inimitable taste to culinary creations: their disposable spice grinders use natural herbs and spices from around the globe; their blends do not contain MSG, courants or flavorants; and their beautifully designed containers would not look out of place out of the kitchen and on dining tables!

From spice selections, sweet and savory toppings, to popcorn flavorings: Cape Foods 100% natural products have multi-uses and delightfully pair with any kitchen creation.

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Caotina is a premium chocolate drink from Switzerland made with rich, delicious Swiss chocolate, enriched with seven vitamins and two minerals, and available in three varieties (original, blanc and noir),

Invented by Wander in 1963 in the heart of Switzerland's lush alpine wonderland, Caotina was created to meet the growing demand for tastier and healthier food products. Caotina contains 7% real Swiss chocolate gently combined with 19% reduced-fat cocoa powder, making Caotina a rich, well-balanced and smooth chocolate drink full of the pure taste of Swiss chocolate.

Caotina is a perfectly balanced blend of premium ingredients in the form of a delicate powder that quickly and easily dissolves in hot or cold milk. Caotina reigns supreme as one of the best chocolate drink powders on the global market today, and Click Cuisine is honored to bring this delicious and luxurious product to you in the UAE. 

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This Swiss Muesli pioneer has become a reliable source of health food for the whole family. Dedicated to organic farming Familia uses wheat, rye, barley, spelt and apples from Swiss farms in all their products, from their legendary Birchermuesli to their kids cereals.

Recipes are tailored to make healthy taste good, with their traditional Birchermuesli mix Familia offers a tasty, balanced and sensible option for meals. It is a valuable addition to any diet with its high dietary fiber content (aids digestion), low fat content, wealth of carbohydrates (controls hunger) and low glycemic index (balances sugar intake).

Muesli is a natural health food that helps build stamina, increases concentration levels and is suitable for a variety of tasty recipes. Whether eaten with fruit, yoghurt or milk, enjoyment is no longer a guilty pleasure- feel free to indulge in our endless muesli varieties.

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With the highest percentage of fruit concentrate than other syrups, Fabbri’s quality range of syrups makes them irresistible to chefs, baristas and connoisseurs. Whether it’s to flavor beverages, desserts or salads; Fabbri syrups are ideal for personalizing home creations.

Fabbri syrups are made with natural fruit, and contain no additives. Less sugar is used in Fabbri syrups so the strength of their taste is in fresh fruit flavor, and not pure sweetness.

The syrups come in different concentrates, packaging and sizes for different purposes. Whether it’s used to flavor a glass of water, as a dessert filling, mixer in cocktails or to brighten milkshakes, slushies or fruit salads- Fabbri adds that extra flavor to your kitchen.

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From the pasta giant Barilla comes Filiz from Turkey, one of the largest manufacturers of pasta in the world founded in 1977. Located in the city of Bolu, their factory produces high-quality 100% durum wheat semolina pasta.

Being part of the famous Italian food company, Filiz has established itself as a strong and independent entity under the Barilla brand.  Beside 100% durum wheat and egg pasta, Filiz also carries bran pasta, and tri-colore- the colors of the Italian flag (white- wheat, green- spinach and red- tomatoes).

Available in over 100 countries in the world, Barilla food products have become staples in many homes, and on countless dining tables. Click Cuisine brings you Filiz spaghetti, fettucine, fusilli, penne and vermicelli amongst other pasta delights. 

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The biggest selling carbonated water a gem in itself, as it is naturally carbonated by mother earth. Its source lies in Riardo- close to Naples, in the volcanic area near the Roccamonfina volcano in Italy, where it is gifted bubbles by nature.

As rainwater flows through the extinct volcano and encounters different rocks and minerals, the water emerges from the ground pure and sparkling. Even extraction is natural, as the CO2 in the water causes it to automatically erupt from the earth. Because of its organic properties, Ferrarelle is uniquely soft and fresh. Unlike artificially carbonated water, its texture is finer and is known as ‘effervescent’- meaning it is smooth on the palate and can be served from starters through to dessert.

The claim “Still, Sparkling…or Ferrarelle” refers to its perfectly balanced texture. Good for health, unique tasting and natural, this miracle of nature is a luxurious accompaniment, and stylish adornment, at every fine-dining table. There is also a Platinum Edition bottle available.

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Gut Springenheide

This traditional German family business is owned and operated by Rudolf Tusky and his family, and dates back six generations to 1844 when Gut Springenheide started off as chicken farmers in Münsterland (northwest region of Germany).

Following an old German tradition, Gut Springenheide also produces hand-made real eggshell specialties. Their range of eggshells are produced with a ‘pearl-shell’ finish in vibrant colors, they are available empty and with fillings, and have become a long established confectionary item in Germany.

To this day they are still based on their family estate on the site of the original family chicken farm; they additionally operate an ultra-modern factory decorated with a giant golden egg, the symbol of quality and elegance. Their unique products are exclusively available here on Click Cuisine.

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Ina Paarman's

Known as South Africa’s Cookery Queen’, Ina Paarman’s products are familiar gourmet ingredients in the South African kitchen. Inspired by her Grandmother’s cooking, Ina travelled the world to learn about cuisines of other cultures, returning home she converted her garage at her home in Constantia into a cookery school, and the rest is history.

From recipes to packaging, Ina has invested passion, time and energy into the creation all her products. Ensuring quality and authenticity has guaranteed that the flavors and quality of the products will transform the dishes they touch.

The exceptional sauces, marinades and seasonings makes all every-day dishes into true gourmet experiences. Try one of Ina’s masterpieces, to taste the meaning of consistent, traditional and good-tasting home-made products.

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Indomie has garnered cult followings across the world, due to its unforgettable taste it is also the No.1 instant noodle here in the UAE. Produced from the best quality wheat flour and natural spices and seasonings, it additionally provides Vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid and iron minerals.

Indomie’s best-selling ‘Mi Goreng’ (fried noodle) is loved for achieving the authentic and high-quality taste of the original Indonesian dish it is named after, and sometimes considered tastier than those served by traditional Indonesian noodle vendors.

Generations of fans have made Indomie a household name, and Click Cuisine shares the complete variants of their products to the UAE: from Mi Goreng, Mi Keriteng (Premium), Vegan and Vegetarian variants, as well as specialty noodle sauces.

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Indomie has garnered cult followings across the world, due to its unforgettable taste it is also the No.1 instant noodle here in the UAE. Produced from the best quality wheat flour and natural spices and seasonings, it additionally provides Vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid and iron minerals.

Indomie’s best-selling ‘Mi Goreng’ (fried noodle) is loved for achieving the authentic and high-quality taste of the original Indonesian dish it is named after, and sometimes considered tastier than those served by traditional Indonesian noodle vendors.

Generations of fans have made Indomie a household name, and we are proud to introduce to you the complete variants of their products from Mi Goreng, Mi Keriteng (Premium), Vegan and Vegetarian variants, as well as specialty noodle sauces.

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Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. was founded by Sigurd Jacobsen in Denmark, and has been exporting Danish cookies to the world since 1967. “Cookies for any occasion” are the words that describe their delicious range of cookie products. The company is based in Hedensted in Denmark, where they bake almost 7 million cookies every day, and export to over 71 countries worldwide.

Today Jacobsens Bakery Ltd. is the preferred supplier by major retailers all over the world of Danish quality cookies. Packed in an extensive range of traditional tins, added value tins and other pack types – Jacobsens produces a quality range of products for every occasion.

From Design Theme, to Disney, Everyday, Gift and Special Occasion cookies, to their original Traditional cookies: you will find an exclusive selection of Jacobens products here on Click Cuisine.

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Jules Destrooper

The Belgium Biscuiterie was founded on the unique invention of the almond thin, a delicate biscuit that pleased generations of people around the world and combined the best of the Jules Destrooper brand: innovation, quality ingredients and unique flavor.

125 years in the business, and Jules Destrooper has maintained the quality and flavor of their natural and delicate products. The brands success lies in using all natural ingredients, and specialized airtight aluminum packaging to preserve and increase the shelf life of their delicious biscuits. Winning national and international awards has only driven the brand to continue their efforts, to create more gastronomic delights.

Click Cuisine brings you to a selected range of premium biscuits from the world famous brand, made from the secret recipe that has been passed down for four proud generations. From their famous almond thins, to butter crisps, cinnamon thins and hazelnut Florentines, you are sure to find something that will please your gourmet-snack appetite.

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Le 5 Stagioni

The finest pizza and pasta flour producer in Italy has been in production for 150 years. Specializing in different flours for different purposes, the fragrance, taste and softness of their flour is recognized and trusted worldwide.

Their products include long rising dough, semi-finished products as well as wheat, gluten free flour, yeast and their famous Naturkraft (Mother yeast). Although the company has leapt miles ahead with their innovative machinery and preparation methods, they are still producing flour that retains the scent, flavor and aroma of traditional Italian cooking.

Backed by the Agugiaro & Figna group, Click Cuisine brings you their quality baking range. Recipes for ciabatta, focaccia, pizza, pasta and dolci are all available on request.

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Lune De Miel

France’s leading honey producer Lune de Miel is the pioneer of honey extraction in Europe. For centuries the Bernard Michaud company has developed inventive honey making techniques, including moving hives to follow seasonal flowers, to seek optimum quality honey.

Lune de Miel’s range of honeys is separated by floral varieties, each with its particular consistency: liquid, set or crystal. Packaging is just as varied and imaginative, ranging from glass jars, to flexi-plastic containers and their iconic unbreakable plastic tubes, available in different sizes.

Types of honey that are unavailable in France are imported, such as Orange Blossom from Spain, Acacia from Hungary and Clover from Canada. For the connoisseur, honey is an ancient and irreplaceable accompaniment for any dish, and is known internationally for its benefits to health, fitness and even beauty.

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Manner wafers are also known as the original Neapolitan wafers. This family-owned Austrian confectioner has been making sweets with over a hundred years of tradition, and their sweet delicacies are produced in the heart of Vienna according to the finest original recipes.

Manners is one of the largest confectioner manufacturers in Austria today. For decades their best seller has been the Original Neapolitan wafer willed with hazelnut-cocoa cream. The product combines five layers of crispy, paper-thin wafers and four layers of the finest hazelnut-chocolate-cream filling and 12% hazelnuts.

The product has become synonymous with the highest quality wafer production, and has achieved cult status in Austria- making the brand popular beyond its home country borders. Click Cuisine exclusively brings you Manner products, that are now sold to over 50 countries all over the world.

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Mrs Ball's

The history of the Mrs. Ball’s secret Chutney recipe is akin to that of the Titanic. When in 1852 Captain Adkins and his wife escaped the ship wreck of SS Quanza with the secret blueprint, their daughter Amelia was given the coveted chutney recipe as a young bride to be married to Mr. Herbert Sandleton Ball. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

The South African product is a household name in its home country, South Africa, and although the recipe is now shared worldwide, the taste of the chutney from the bottle with the family-crest resting on top still reigns supreme.

Salads, starters and main dishes are given a dash of historical flavor with Mrs. Ball’s Chutney, and the range come in easy storage glass bottles to ensure freshness and long shelf-life.

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Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel is one of the last remaining artisanal chocolatiers in France. Their chocolates are only available in top class hotels, two retail shops (Paris and New York) and select distributors who supply to specialty retail and gourmet boutiques, department stores, airlines and duty free shops.

Founded in 1948, Michel Cluizel is one of the few cacaofèviers (cocoa bean processors) in the world. The French family-owned company develops close relationships with cocoa growers in South America, Africa and Oceania in the spirit of sustainable fair trade. They use only “noble ingredients”: A quality commitment to their customers.

Their chocolates contain no vegetable fat apart from cocoa butter and no added flavors or genetically modified ingredients. Bourbon vanilla bean is used instead of vanilla extract and cane sugar instead of beet sugar. Their wide range of shapes, flavors, and types of chocolate will satisfy every application, occasion and chocolate lover.

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Natia mineral water is the accompaniment still water, to Italy’s number one sparkling water: Ferrarelle. Established in 1893, Natia is a brand of still spring water created in 2003 by Ferarelle S.p.A. Not only is the water a perfect accompaniment to any meal, it also carries a distinctive mixture of nutritional minerals.

Natia’s origin lies 10 kilometers underground in the district of the Roccamonfina volcano, and its journey there takes five years. The unique geological formation of the volcanic region of Riardo, located 50 kilometers north of Naples, gives Natia water its exceptional properties. Natia mineral water is naturally pure as it flows underground, away from sources of pollution.

Click Cuisine supplies Natia in four sizes, and a special edition Platinum (Reelle) bottle (12x750ml).

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The tomato is an indispensable ingredient in Italian cooking, and Mutti has made it their passion to bring quality Italian tomato products to dining tables around the world. Taste and health go hand-in-hand in this unique fruit that is low in calories and rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Picking only ripened quality tomatoes, and harvesting and processing on the same day, Mutti guarantees a fresh, juicy and authentic Italian tomato taste. Tomatoes are prepared using Mutti’s secret recipe that has been used for over a century, which originated in the heart of Emilia, near Parma, Italy.

From their original ‘tomato pulp’, to innovative ‘tomato paste’ and invention of the ‘tomato concentrate’, all Mutti products aspire to “Bring the fruit to its maximum expression”. Whether it’s in pasta, on pizza or as a topping- we’re sure it’s an expression you can’t resist.

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Patiswiss is a Swiss producer of traditional sweet pastry fillings, making exclusively high quality semi-finished products so that everyone can easily create the creations of their dreams. They use traditional craft and recipes to bring the best of baking to your kitchen.

Ranging from pralines, and gianduja to their almond pastes, Patiswiss’ sweet and inspiring products are created from raw materials that are processed under traditional craft, following international standards.

Click Cuisine has chosen a delicious selection of sweet fillings, suitable for pain au chocolat, choc o’rolles, and other bakery delights.

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The world famous candy from Austria is well-known to adults and children, in its iconic flip top packaging. The famous candy blocks take their name from the German word of “PfeffErminZ” (meaning peppermint) the first PEZ flavor.

Available in a myriad of flavors, PEZ is internationally recognized for its innovative packaging. Using the most updated cartoon characters, it is a delight for children and a collector’s item for some. Pez dispensers have won them loyal collector followings, and enthusiasts organize conventions, auctions and exhibitions for the brick shaped candy.

Be sure to find the most fantastic new cartoons designs here, and get the first collections available in the UAE!

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Peppadew is a South African fruit that was discovered in 1993, it carries a uniquely hot, spicy-yet-sweet taste. Well loved by South Africans, it is known to give a potent ‘kick’ to any dish, savory or sweet. It is perfect for a healthy snack, or for creative use in kitchens.

There are endless Peppadew recipes ranging from use in antipasti, to mains and desserts. Peppadew can be stuffed, served on cocktail sticks, chopped into (or over) sandwiches and added for bite to main dishes. The juice that it is packed in can also make for a tasty marinade, salad dressing or stock base.

Besides Peppadew Whole Fruits in Mild or Hot, you can also find here Peppadew Sweet Piquante Can or Peppadew Sweet and Sour Goldew Peppers.

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Pidy is the world-leader in pastry shells from Belgium, their innovative gourmet products are made with healthy ingredients and uniquely shaped. Their newest collection includes pastry shells made of 30% vegetable juice, and come in bright, attractive colors.

Once filled, Pidy cups can stay crispy for 18 hours, and can be prepared 4-8 hours in advance. Even when frozen, they retain their crispy texture after thawing. The products also come in re-usable Pidy boxes, to help with long shelf life, and to prevent discoloring and dehydration.

Pidy cups are the perfect decoration for dinner parties and gourmet meals, as they can be used for both hot and cold fillings. They also come in savory or sweet flavors, to suit every creation. Click Cuisine is delighted to bring to your kitchen a comprehensive range of premium pastry cups.

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Poppins is a new cereal brand to arrive here in the UAE, originating from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Using quality produce grown in the middle of untouched nature, the finest wheat, corn and cereals found under the golden sun are used to make their cereals.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a fact emphasized by nutritionists, health specialists and government bodies. This essential meal needs to replenish blood sugar, energy and nutrients lost in sleep.

Poppins provides essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimum growth, and maintaining good health. You will find here at Click Cuisine a nutritional range of corn flakes, choco pops and choco ‘bumps’ and ‘bits’, specially chosen for the UAE.

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Foie gras connoisseurs are all too familiar with the name Rougié. The company is the world’s #1 producer of foie gras and moulard duck specialties, and was founded as a gourmet shop in 1875 by Léonce Rougié in Cahors. The expanding business later moved to Sarlat, the capital of Périgord, France’s top gastronomic region.

During the 1950’s Léonce’s Rougié’s son travelled extensively to supply royal families, gastronomic restaurants and leading hotels- today, Rougié can be found in 120 countries around the world. As an active partner of numerous award winning restaurants, Rougié is always bringing innovative culinary solutions for consistently outstanding duck delicacies.

Rougié is part of the Euralis Gastronomie group, the world's number one foie gras producer. In 2007, Rougié opened The School of Foie Gras in Pau (France) where foie gras seminars and master classes are taught by celebrity Chefs, Michelin-starred chefs and Bocuse d’Or nominees. Click Cuisine brings the best of Rougié  to the UAE with a selection of foie gras and duck delicacies.

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Riso Gallo

The Number One risotto from Italy originated in Genoa, and after 150 years is still family owned by the sixth generation of the founding members. Selecting grains from the Po valley region, the motherland of Risotto, Riso Gallo offers the three most noble Italian grains for their discerning customers: the traditional Arborio, the classic Vialone Nano, and the premium Carnaroli.

Riso Gallo’s Risotto is famed for its creamy and smooth texture, al dente consistency, and suitability for many recipes. Rich in carbohydrates and important minerals, easy to digest, providing long lasting energy and gluten-free: Riso Gallo is a healthy and nutritious accompaniment for every meal.

Riso Gallo also supplies other quality varieties including: Riso Blond (parboiled rice), Grandi Risi dal Mondo (international rice varieties), and the convenient Risotto Expresso and Risotto Pronti (quick-cook naturally flavored risotto).

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Schogetten is the most famous range of chocolates from Germany’s chocolate giant Ludwig. The brand is known for making affordable quality chocolates, which are packaged in unique portion pieces.

Since 1962 Shogetten has used high quality raw materials and fine ingredients in their chocolate, its consistent quality at an affordable price has given them uninterrupted success in the past 50 years, and it is now available in over 60 countries.

Click Cuisine brings you an eclectic assortment of flavors ranging from the classic Plain, to the colorful Mango-Lassi.

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With a long history of use in medication by the Guarani people of Paraguay, the sweet leaf was known locally as a sweetener and treat. As a natural sweetener derived directly from the Stevia leaf (without the licorice-like aftertaste with less pure stevia products), it has a comparative taste to sugar whilst actually benefitting health. Research on stevia has shown that it is hypoglycemic, gluten-free and safe for consumption for diabetics and those who need to control their sugar intake.

Stevia has been a prominent ingredient for food and beverage in Asia and South America, and being heat stable it can easily replace sugar in all forms of cooking, baking and even in beverages. One packet of Steviana is also equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar. 

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The expert in Molecular Cuisine is present in all the best restaurants in the world, and known to all the most creative, innovative and influential chefs in the world of food: Ferran Adria,  Heston Blumenthal, Adriuz Mugaritz, to name a few.

Founded in the year 2000, SOSA started producing and trading exclusive and innovative products such as freeze dried fruits, texturizers, natural plant extracts, essential oils and flavorings amongst a rolling list of ingredients. Also known as “Modern Gastronomy”, to make the technique more use-friendly, SOSA products are changing our traditional understanding of food, one molecule at a time

Today, Sosa has become the pioneer in providing premium ingredients for modern gastronomy, and we at Click Cuisine are proud to be the only distributer here in the UAE. As they continue to create exciting new products to fulfill the modern gastronomes desire for new tastes, textures and delights, we strive to bring you their full range to your kitchen.

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Sunny Bio

For those looking for an exciting alternative to processed sweeteners, Sunny Bio is a 100% natural sugar extract, and an ideal partner for your culinary creations. This low-calorie, low glycemic index, high fructose and natural fruit agave syrup has earned the nickname ‘Honey Water’ for its delicious taste and healthy attributes.

This cactus extract has been cultivated for over 2000 years, by Aztecs who prized the sweet sap as a gift from the gods. Made from the Mexican Agavaceae plant the syrup is suitable for use in baking, as a topping and for sweetening drinks in the modern kitchen.

Committed to the principles of the organic diet, Sunny bio is produced under strict standards of organic agriculture. It also comes in practical, waste-free dispensers that keep the magical liquid fresh and tasty.

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Click Cuisine brings you this family run business that has become Spain’s best known chocolate, because it is both sugar-free and gluten-free!

With their factory based in Villajoyosa, Valor produce high-quality products for the high end chocolate market. Having total control of their chocolate production from bean to bar, Valor ensures that their chocolates are gluten free (sealed suitable for celiac sufferers), and they additionally use natural sweetener (stevia).

Their cocoa is sourced from Ghana, Equador and Brazil and they use only the finest Spanish Marcona Almonds and Hazelnuts in their chocolate making. For their intense flavor, rich color and tantalizing cocoa aroma, Valor products combine tradition and innovation to make a unique chocolate product.

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VKL is the flagship company of Kanji Morarji Group (Mumbai). Since their inception in 1935 in Kerala, the spice capital of the world, they have evolved from whole-spice traders to one of India's largest Seasoning and Flavor brands. 

VKL products are well known internationally in proviing food solutions for Restaurants, Fine Dining, Snacks, Dairy, Bakery, Beverage, Confectionery, Ready to Eat (RTE) and Ready to Cook (RTC) foods categories. For the very first time, Click Cuisine brings VKL into UAE homes with a select range of spices and seasonings, dips, pizza flavorings and marinades. 

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This tasty and crunchy crisp bread from America is a wholesome alternative to bread or crackers. Packed with whole grain goodness and coming in a variety of tastes, there is sure to be a flavor that will make you forget you are eating a health food!

All natural ingredients are used in Wasa Crispbreads, making them naturally full in fiber and low in fat. The key ingredient of whole grain, additionally to providing carbohydrates and proteins, is known to reduce the risk diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Besides helping you to achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle, Wasa is also serious about being delicious. They can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a light snack; it can also be combined with spreads, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables for endless recipe adventures. 

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Zaini is the traditional Italian confectionary producer with Disney licensed choco eggs in their range. Known for producing quality chocolate in novelty shapes and designs, their products are also available in decorative gift boxes.

Their cartoon products are competitively priced, and the perfect gift for parties, to place in hampers and for surprise gifts for kids. The cartoon characters include the iconic Supermario, Mickey Mouse, Winnie; contemporary characters like Disney Cars, G Force and Tangled; as well as the Disney Princes, Princesses and Football ranges.

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Founded in 1998, Worldfoods  is a pioneer in the fusion foods industry, bringing home-made Asian flavors to the kitchen. Each WORLDFOODS recipe is developed from local blends with only authentic, all-natural and traditional herbs and spices.

Besides being passionate about the health and well-being of consumers­­, their quality products offer a myriad of culinary benefits. Using 100% natural herbs and spices; no artificial preservatives, coloring, flavoring, gluten or genetically modified ingredients; all their products are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are gluten free.

Click Cuisine brings to you the secret of Chefs, offers a professional range of 25 types of dipping sauces, pastes, noodle sauces, stir-fry sauces, cooking sauces, marinades and salad dressings carrying fusion flavors and Asian influences from Thailand, Malaysia, China and India. 

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