Sheese Edam Style Block 200g

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The vegan and kosher Edam Sheese is our take on the traditional Dutch cheese but made with coconut oil and suitable for specialist diets and intolerances.

Edam Sheese is great on crispbread (with cucumber, rocket, and Marmite) or on a toasted poppy seed bagel. Its texture makes it ideal for grating and making into slivers with a potato peeler, to give pasta dishes a different subtle twist for instance. Edam also makes great Cauliflower Sheese, Macaroni Sheese and creamy sauces. Finally, you can try to melt it in an Andijviestamppot, a vegan Pannenkoeken or on top of a Rode kool met appeltjes too (and if none of these recipes speak to you, have a quick search to give it a try, it’s absolutely worth it)!

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