SOSA Guar Gum 750gm

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Thickening Agent

Adjust Viscosity, Bind Ingredients & Reduce Water Leakage.
Guar is flour made from part of the seeds of an Indian legume plant.

A powerful short texture thickener even in cold water, which is neutral in smell and taste.
Perfect in bread and sweet dough for a softening effect.
Or in gels, fruit preparations and frozen products to prevent water leakage.
Can also be used in place of starch, syrups and sugars as a low calorie source of viscosity.
The same proportions are suitable for most applications - 3g to 5g per litre.
Guar is insensitive to pH and tolerant to salts.
Size: 750g.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Kosher Certified.

Thickener: Guar gum (E412).

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