Wernli Choco Petit Beurre Ruby 125gm

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ritz Wernli is the inventor of the Choco Petit Beurre biscuits: a piece of bread, a row of chocolate – and the Swiss children‘s afternoon snack was ready. This idea gave rise in 1964 to the most popular biscuit to date in Switzerland.

Half a century later, Wernli is launching the biscuit innovation “Choco Petit Beurre Ruby” based on this classic: A thin slab of chocolate is poured from the new ruby chocolate and laid over a dark Petit Beurre biscuit. The unique success story of the Wernli Choco Petit Beurre enters the next round.

After dark, milk and white, ruby is the most unusual chocolate discovery for 80 years. This gift of nature surprises and fascinates with an entirely new color and taste experience - produced from the ruby cocoa bean.

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