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Familia Flakes n Clusters Cereal - Powerful Protein Boost 350g

Familia Flakes n Clusters Cereal - Powerful Protein Boost 350g

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Familia Flakes n Clusters Cereal - Powerful Protein Boost 350g - Try these powerful Flakes n`Clusters with protein crispies and chocolate pieces baked together with crispy multigrain flakes and wholemeal oats. These cereals are packed with plant-based proteins, magnesium and calcium, as well as valuable secondary plant substances from cocoa. A real chocolaty crunch protein boost!

  • magnesium and calcium
  • 55% whole-grain
  • swiss chocolate

Ingredients : Wholemeal oat flakes, multigrain flakes 18 % (rice, whole wheat meal, sugar, wheat gluten, barley malt extract, wheat germ, skimmed milk powder), sugar, protein crispies 8.6 % (wheat protein, wheat flour, cocoa powder), sunflower oil, chocolate pieces 2.5 % (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter), flour (wheat, rye), oligofructose (fibres), calcium citrate, low fat cocoa powder, salt, magnesium citrate. Cereals: 68 %, of which whole-grain: 81 %

Brand: As a Swiss Müesli and organic pioneer, familia has been driven by your enjoyment and the well-being of people and nature since 1959. We draw on a great deal of craftsmanship and dedication to share the precious nutrients that give you power and energy – in a gently processed, natural form. We're committed to protecting nature's health for you and future generations. Join us in our love for muesli and support our mission.