Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer Strawberry 60ml

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Hello Kitty Sanitizer Strawberry 60ml.

  • Pleasant and convenient gel, hand disinfection with no need for water
  • Kills 99.9% of common germs that may be harmful
  • A gel that feels great to use.

CLEAN HANDS ON THE GO-OUT and about with no water or soap to wash your hands? No Problem! Using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is an effective way of keeping your hands clean and germ-free. It's easy to use, just a small amount will clean your hands and kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
70% ALCOHOL BASED HAND GEL-with a high level of alcohol: This highly effective hand sanitizer stops and kills bacteria in its tracks.
Quick DRYING FORMULA: Rub a small amount of gel onto your hands and it will quickly be absorbed and dry, leaving you with a fresh clean hand.
COMPACT POCKET -SIZED BOTTLE-Protect your family by always being prepared when out and about: Each 60ml bottle is the perfect size to slip into a pocket, bag, rucksack, or in a car glove box. It's also ideal to keep tucked away in a desk drawer for at work.
SPECIFICATIONS: This cleansing hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol., Kills 99.9% of bacteria. It comes in a set of 9 either all 6 are the same scents or different. The scents available are Lemon, Strawberry, and Cool& Fresh. The scent that comes with this set is COOL and FRESH scented.

To ensure your hands are cleaned thoroughly, squeeze a small amount of gel onto the palm of your hand.
Rub the gel over your hands, ensuring that it is rubbed onto every part of your hands including the cuticles, between the fingers and fingertips.

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