Three Cents Mandarin & Bergamot Soda - 200ml

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Three Cents Mandarin & Bergamot Soda - 200ml
  • The bubbliest soft drinks & mixers ever. The ultimate citrus fruit soda with refreshing notes of zesty mandarins and aromatic bergamots.
  • Ideal premium mixer for non-alcoholic drinks and Collins cocktail variations.
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives.
  • Gluten free and suitable for Vegans.

Three Cents Beverages are inspired by the late 19th century soda
fountain culture and artisanal production. By combining high
quality spring water with only the finest, natural ingredients,
we have created premium beverages equally suitable for mixing
long drinks & cocktails or enjoying them on their own. The
combination of Mandarin & Bergamot aromas results in a unique
soda ideal for long drinks and cocktails.

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