Wasa Sandwich Cheese & Chives, 37gm

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Wasa Sandwich Cheese & Chives, 37gm A creamy cheese and chives filling is sandwiched between crispy rye crackers to create this savoury snack that can be enjoyed anywhere or at anytime.

  • FEATURE: A thin and crispy CRIPSBREAD baked from WHEAT with Cheese and Chives filling
  • NUTRIENTS: Excellent SOURCE OF FIBRE and naturally a great snack choice, made with WHOLEGRAIN. Local health benefit
  • Layer your favorite toppings on WASA crispbread for smart and satisfying SNACKS! Replace BREAD with fiber crispbreads for a creative and wholesome BREAKFAST or open faced SANDWICH at LUNCH.

INGREDIENTS Wholegrain rye flour 46%, vegetable fat (rapeseed, shea), rye flour 17%, malt dextrin, cheese powder 8,9%, yeast, buttermilk powder, flavour (milk), salt, dried chives 0,31%. May contain traces of sesame seeds, soy and lupine. 46 g wholegrain rye have been used to produce 100g product.

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