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Canderel Sucralose 100 Tabs - 8.5g

Canderel Sucralose 100 Tabs - 8.5g

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Canderel Sucralose 100 Tabs - 8.5g
  • 100 Tablets is a low kilojoule sweetener made with sucralose to bring you all the sweetness of sugar without the additional calories
  • Perfect for those with a sweet tooth on a calorie-controlled diet
  • A low-calorie sweetener, ideal for cooking and baking.


Lactose (From Milk) Sweetener: Sucralose 58400 Mg/kg (Adi:5mg/kg Bodyweight/day) Stabilizers ( E460(1) E468 E470(a)) Natural Flavorings (Sugar Vanilla

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Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight.