Bakbel Concentrate Glaze Deluxe Neutral 7Kg

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Bakbel Concentrate Glaze Deluxe Neutral 7Kg

A superior range of hot concentrated glazes offering professional pastry chefs a useful product which is of excellent quality.

Concentrate Glaze Deluxe :

• High water absorption: 50% up to 80%, a very economical product
• Freeze/thaw stable
• Excellent shine
• Good transparency
• Good stability on glazed surfaces
• Good time setting to allow perfect covering
• Natural color
• Can be reheated
• Easy to use

Concentrate Glaze Classic :
• Excellent shine
• Same quality and advantages as above
• Water absorption : 40% up to 60%

Heat the Concentrate Glaze with water (50-80%) in a pan to 95°C. Once the glaze has dissolved completely, gently stir the mixture before applying it with a brush.

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