Fabbri MixyBar Cane Sugar Syrup (1l)

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Cane Sugar…sugar in a bottle. The product is gluten free and certified Halal by Halal Italia.

Please note. Pump sold separately.

Mixy Bar is a line of highly aromatic concentrated syrups with a high content of juice and fruit pulp. These syrups are ideal in preparing aperitifs, cocktails and long drinks, as well as for granite ,milkshakes, frappes and sorbets. They are an excellent alternative to fresh fruit for all seasons, such as for punching up an iced tea or adding flavor to fresh-squeezed juices. Once opened, they can be stored at room temperature and maintain their great qualities to the last drop.

The strong plastic bottle is made for safe shipment and easy handling. Mixy Bar have a vast range of products to meet all your flavor needs or to create new ones.


Mixability: Cocktails, Cold Creams, Frappé, Granitas, Smoothies, Coffee

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