Oat King Protein Pancake - Original Flavor 500g

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If I want to enjoy a pancake, then it has to taste like grandma made in my childhood. Many critics would argue that this is not possible with healthy, nutritious ingredients. However, we have succeeded perfectly with the OAT KING® Protein Pancake Mix. OAT KING® Protein Pancakes are simply delicious and provide the best ingredients and nutritional value.

Wheat flour and sugar are NOT the main ingredients, but oat whole grain powder and whey protein. High sugar and fat content, one looks in vain as there are many protein pancakes on the market, but we can say with conviction that OAT KING® Protein Pancakes leaves all other protein pancakes in the dust in terms of taste and function. If you take a look at the list of ingredients, the pancake ready-made mixture convinces you immediately in terms of nutritional physiology.