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Le 5 Stagioni 00 Flour - Napoletana 25kg

Le 5 Stagioni 00 Flour - Napoletana 25kg

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Le 5 Stagioni is becoming official member of the Suppliers approved to full title by the “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana”. The Flour Pizza Napoletana branded Le 5 Stagioni has received the “certificate of suitability” in conformity to the parameters of quality and the requisites established by the official disciplinary for the realization of the true Neapolitan Pizza. The rheological characteristics of the product and its elasticity have permitted an appreciated recognition highly valued by master pizzaioli in Italy and abroad. Soft wheat flour obtained from the milling and sifting of national and European non-germinated soft wheat, from which extraneous substances and impurities have been removed according to the law in force. Special and particularly elastic flour for the production of traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Physical/Chemical Properties

  • Moisture: Max 15.5%
  • Proteins: Min 11.5% (s.s.)
  • Ashes: Type 00 max 0.55% (s.s.)
  • Wet Gluten: min 28 %

Rheological Properties

Chopin Alveograph: W 250 - Tolerance: 30+/10- P/L 0,60 - Tolerance: 0,10-+

Brabender Farinograph: Absorption min 54 % Stability min 8’

Brabender Amylograph: Amylogram 1200/800 u.a