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Le 5 Stagioni Semola Rimacinata 10kg

Le 5 Stagioni Semola Rimacinata 10kg

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The remilled durum wheat semolina is produced with selected grains, capable of excellent extensibility, absorption and hold. Particularly angular and with a golden color,
it is therefore suitable for the production of extruded pasta and can be used in addition to all types of pizza dough.

Chemical / physical characteristics

Humidity: max 15.5%

Ashes: max 0.80

Nitrogen substances: min 12.5%

Dry gluten quantity: min 11%

Wet gluten: min 29.2%

Rheological characteristics

Brabender farinographer:

Absorption Min 53.5%

Stability min 14

Packages available

10 kg bag.

It may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, soya and derivatives

To be stored preferably in a cool, airy and dry place.

Product subject to expiry: it is supplied with a residual life of 6/8 months