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Andros Chef Frozen Kumquat Puree 1kg Tub

Andros Chef Frozen Kumquat Puree 1kg Tub

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  • Vegan
  • Plant based
  • Gourmet

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A broad range of purees with minimum 90% fruit content for each variety. The best blends with very little sugar (10% at most) in a natural recipe that best restores the good natural fruit taste. No added coloring or flavoring of any kind. Fruits are selected with Andros sourcing in dedicated orchards to guarantee harvest at full ripeness.

Andros Chef new frozen kumquat puree is slightly sweet; the overwhelming flavor is sour and tangy with a fine length in the mouth. Our kumquats are received fresh at our Andros factory in southern Spain (PROBICASA) : selected fruits from our integrated fruit sourcing and processing to guarantee optimal quality. The kumquat is more and more used by chefs, it is the new trendy fruit! Packed in a 1kg tub.