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Bakbel Les Fruit Filling 50% Blueberry 6Kg

Bakbel Les Fruit Filling 50% Blueberry 6Kg

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  • Gourmet

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Premium quality fruit preparations, made from the best fruit : carefully chosen on the grounds of its taste, quality and specific origin. Ready-to-use for hot or cold applications as filling or topping.


  • High fruit content 
  • Made with whole pieces of fruit
  • Naturally shiny
  • Natural flavour
  • Natural colour
  • Ready-to-use for cold or baked applications as filling or topping
  • Freeze/Thaw/Bake stable
  • Easy to mix with cream & mousses
  • Vegetarian, Halal, and Kosher suitable

Ready-to-use product, direct from the pail.