BANQUET D'OR - Vandemoortele MINI Pinky Donut 3.9Kg (22gm x 180pcs)

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MINI Pinky Donut 

Fried and deep frozen yeast raised dough, donut coated with a pink compound coating (13,5%), decorated with strawberry flavor sugar pearls (8%).

  • Convenience level - Ready to Serve
  • Instructions - Let the products thaw in the packaging for 15 to 30 minutes at ambient temperature. If the product is sold defrost in its hinge pack

    the 'best before' label (with a shelf life of 3 days, after defrosted at room temperature) need to be foreseen by you.


  • Shelf life after production - 12 Month
  • Storage temperature - max. -18°C
  • Weight per piece 22 g
  • Pieces per case 180
  • Weight per box 3,96 kg

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