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Barilla Pesto Calabrese Pasta Sauce with Chilli Peppers and Italian Cheese 190g

Barilla Pesto Calabrese Pasta Sauce with Chilli Peppers and Italian Cheese 190g

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  • Vegan

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Give your dishes a touch of imagination with Barilla PESTO CALABRESE; a harmonious combination of Peppers and Italian cheese to create a delicious and colorful sauce with a lively touch of spice. Extremely versatile, you can simply STIR THROUGH piping hot pasta (away from the heat) to create a delicious meal in minutes. Alternatively, use your imagination, and try Barilla's pesto as a DIP for an authentic Italian appetizer or as a SPREAD for pizza base, bruschetta or marinated BBQ meat.

  • FEATURE: Made with RED AND CHILLI PEPPERS and REAL ITALIAN CHEESE (Pecorino Romano and Grana Padano cheese). Suitable for Vegetarian and Gluten Free users. CREATE DELICIOUS PASTA MEALS: Pairs well with just about any type of pasta to make an authentic Italian meal for you and your family.
  •  NUTRIENTS: Prepared like home-made Italian recipe, contains all natural ingredients, NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES.
  • GET INSPIRED WITH BARILLA: Enjoy the full range of BARILLA pasta and pasta sauces, BARILLA Spaghetti, BARILLA Whole Wheat pasta, BARILLA Legume pasta, BARILLA Gluten Free pasta and BARILLA  Bio Organic pasta. BARILLA Pesto sauce, BARILLA Arrabbiata sauce, BARILLA Basilico sauce, BARILLA Bolognese sauce, BARILLA Ricotta sauce, BARILLA Napoletana sauce and more.


Red Peppers 37%, Vegetable Oils (Olive, Sunflower), Ricotta Cheese 14% (Lactic Acid, Milk), Glucose Syrup, Onions, Tomato Paste Concentrate, Salt, Whey Powder, Pecorino Romano Pdo Cheese, Grana Cheese Padano Pdo (Egg Lysozyme), Rice Starch, Sugar, Acidity Corrector: Lactic Acid, Chilli 0, 1%, Oregano, Natural Flavors (Milk).