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Barilla Pomodoro Tomato Pasta Sauce with Italian Tomato 400g

Barilla Pomodoro Tomato Pasta Sauce with Italian Tomato 400g

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  • Vegan

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Barilla POMODORO is a simple and tasty sauce made from sweet date tomatoes. Traditionally produced and without the addition of preservatives, the Barilla Sauce Pomodoro is our freshest and most Mediterranean sauce. Ready to take in the flavor of your pasta, intensely rich sauce made with special tomato pulp and concentrate that will enrich your favorite dishes. 

  • FEATURE: Made with FRESH DATTERINI TOMATOES picked in season made from the HIGHEST QUALITY tomato pulp concentrate. Suitable for Vegetarian and Gluten Free users. CREATE DELICIOUS PASTA MEALS: Pairs well with just about any type of pasta to make an authentic Italian meal for you and your family. 
  • NUTRIENTS: Prepared like home-made Italian recipe, contains all natural ingredients, NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES.
  • GET INSPIRED WITH BARILLA: Enjoy the full range of BARILLA pasta and pasta sauces, BARILLA Spaghetti, BARILLA Whole Wheat pasta, BARILLA Legume pasta, BARILLA Gluten Free pasta and BARILLA  Bio Organic pasta. BARILLA Pesto sauce, BARILLA Arrabbiata sauce, BARILLA Basilico sauce, BARILLA Bolognese sauce, BARILLA Ricotta sauce, BARILLA Napoletana sauce and more.


Chopped Tomatoes 71%, Tomato Concentrate 14%, Onion, Sunflower Seed Oil, Basil 2%, Sugar, Salt, Natural Flavoring. Gluten-Free.