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Bob's Red Mill Organic Shelled Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds, Non-GMO 11.34 Kg

Bob's Red Mill Organic Shelled Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds, Non-GMO 11.34 Kg

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  • Organic
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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

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Rich in minerals and vitamins which promotes natural body recovery and are a perfect complement for savory and sweet baked goods.

The delicately nutty flavor of pumpkin seeds makes them a wonderful addition to cereals, granolas, salads, entrees and baked goods. Use raw pepitas to make pumpkin seed butter, or for a delicious snack, make roasted pumpkin seeds (roasting brings out the natural flavor) and toss them with your favorite nuts and seeds as a trail mix. Of course, you can also eat pumpkin seeds right out of the bag—we won’t tell!

Plant-based diets rich in foods like pumpkin seeds may offer potential health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, due to the regular consumption of magnesium and zinc. Combine our pumpkin seeds (pepitas) with other plants—for example, roasted pepitas dressed in olive oil in a vegetable salad—to enjoy their nutty crunch and extra protein. Or, make spiced pepitas by roasting on a baking sheet with chili powder, garlic and a touch of brown sugar, and mix with sunflower seeds and pine nuts for a delightful snack mix.

Raw pepitas are also excellent in dairy free recipes. Blend with water and optional flavorings to make a delicious dairy free milk perfect for smoothies and sauces.


Organic Pumpkin Seeds