Canderel Stevia Jar, Low Calorie Sweetener made with Stevia, 250gm

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Canderel Crunchy Sweetener is a delicious stevia blend sugar replacement, perfect for your daily coffee or tea. At Canderel we believe in balanced diets and healthy choices, including enjoying what we like and feeling good about ourselves. Get that sweet taste you love without having to compromise. 

  • Canderel Stevia Sweetener is made from stevia leaf extracts letting you enjoy the sweet taste of sugar without the guilt.
  • This granulated, low calorie sugar alternative is ideal for baking cakes and desserts or for sweetening hot drinks and shakes.
  • At only 1 calorie per teaspoon this versicle sweetener helps achieve a balanced diet without sacrificing the taste you love.


Sweeteners: maltitol 985 mg/g, sucralose 7 mg/g (ADI: 5 mg/kg bodyweight/- day), acesulfame-K 6 mg/g (ADI: 9 mg/kg bodyweigh/day), steviol glycosides 2 mg/g (ADI: 4 mg/kg bodyweigh/day).

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