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Fabbri MixyBar Coco Plus Coconut Syrup 1L

Fabbri MixyBar Coco Plus Coconut Syrup 1L

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Clear pearly white, when diluted it takes on a milky appearance. 30% pure coconut milk from the best crops in South-East Asia gives intense aromas of coconut pulp and coconut râpé, with hints of exotic ripe fruit. It concludes with a delicate almond finish. On the palate it evokes the refreshing sensation of coconut water from freshly picked walnuts. With an intense and very balanced flavor with a decidedly persistent finish. It pairs best with tropical spirits, chocolate and coffee. Combined with fresh pineapple juice and excellent Cuban rum it gives life to an inimitable Piña Colada.


Categories of choice: hot and cold coffee, tropical and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Only natural flavors and colors, without preservatives.