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Fabbri MixyBar Plus Pineapple Syrup 1L

Fabbri MixyBar Plus Pineapple Syrup 1L

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It is bright yellow with warm reflections, with a dense texture. Diluted it takes on an opalescent shade.

Among the highest concentrations on the market, 61% of pineapple juice collected only from selected producers, gives the nose intense notes of the juice and pulp of the freshly cut fruit.

On the palate it is sweet, soft and very balanced with a persistent finish of ripe tropical fruit. It pairs perfectly with the best tropical spirits.

Rum, Blue curacao and Mixybar Plus Cocco are the ideal combination to create the exotic flavors of TOURQUOISE  Bleu.
Excellent ingredient for a non-alcoholic and refreshing version of the classic mojito.

Categories of choice: artisanal coffee , artisanal drinks, non-alcoholic and tropical cocktails and for an alternative version of Sbritz.

Prepared only with natural flavours, free from artificial colourings and being a syrup it does not contain preservatives.