Familia Organic Granola Cereal Honey-Almond 375g

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Familia Organic Granola Honey-Almond 375g
  • Familia Bio Organic honey almond crunch is an authentically organic high-quality Swiss muesli
  • It has the finest blend of cereal grains, fruits, and nuts
  • It has a sweet taste of honey along with the nuttiness of roasted, crunchy almonds.


Whole meal Flakes Oat Rye Barley

Preparation and usage

Enjoy this bio organic honey almond crunch the swiss way (one portion): mix 50-70g of bio organic honey almond crunch with natural yogurt and/or milk. For a richer meal add some fresh fruit - like a banana or some grated apple. Enjoy immediately as a healthy breakfast, lunch or even light dinner.

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