Familia Swiss Choco Bits Less Sugar Cereal 350g

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Our popular Swiss Choco Bits are now available in a delicious variant with 40% less sugar. Still very chocolaty thanks to the Swiss cocoa nut cream filling, the Swiss Choco Bits less sugar contain 35% whole-grain. Enjoy them with milk or as a snack! 

  • lower sugar content (40% less than the original Swiss Choco Bits).
  • 35% whole-grain.
  • delicious Swiss cocoa nut cream filling.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, cocoa cream filling 35% (coconut oil, sugar, skimmed milk powder, low fat cocoa powder, hazelnuts, sunflower oil, cocoa mass, natural vanilla aroma), rice, raw sugar, low fat cocoa powder, salt. Cereals: 53 %, of which whole-grain: 66 %

Familia Brand - As pioneers of Müesli and organic cultivation, we created the first organic Swiss Müesli in 1959 in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by a magnificently idyllic mountain landscape on the banks of Lake Sarnen. Dr Bircher-Benner, the inventor of Birchermüesli, inspired us then and continues to do so today. We love nature. That`s why creating sustainably produced Müesli of high quality is our passion. We use carefully selected ingredients so that you can enjoy a wonderful taste experience, improve your well-being and give your energy levels a boost. familia. We live for Müesli.

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