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Feli's Kitchen Frozen Cheese & Spinach Bites 2 x 480g

Feli's Kitchen Frozen Cheese & Spinach Bites 2 x 480g

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Crispy and creamy, these tasty Mediterranean bites are filled with real feta, tangy spinach, and velvety olive oil for an effortless family-friendly treat

These indulgent treats make great party food or lunchbox fillers. Once you bite into the delicate rolled pastry, you’ll reveal real cheese and spinach oozing inside.

Keeping your freezer stocked is the perfect way to ensure you are always prepared for any occasion, frozen meats, vegetables, fruits and desserts are all great to have on hand for those impromptu dinner parties.

  • Crispy spinach % cheese bites
  • Made with pure olive oil
  • Made with real feta cheese