Hershey's Choco tubes Cookies 'N' Crème 18gm

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Hershey's Choco tubes Cookies 'N' Crème 18gm

Try the new HERSHEY’S Chocotubes! Experience the multi-layered goodness of creamy chocolate, crunchy wafer, and hazelnut filling. Perfect for your snack time, anytime, anywhere!
  • White chocolate with Cookie Bits Covered Wafer with Creamy Chocolate filling.
  • Flavors Cookies 'N'  Crème
  • Right balance of chocolate and wafer
  • Have a positively playful pause
  • Light quick snack with great taste of Cookies n’ Crème

Storage and transportation conditions Cool, clean and dry place max of 22°C

Shelf life 12 months 

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