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Latteria Sorrentina Stracciatella Cheese 250gm (Frozen)

Latteria Sorrentina Stracciatella Cheese 250gm (Frozen)

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This soft, fresh cheese may be best known as the delicious center of burrata. Stracciatella means "rag," from the Italian word "strattore" (to stretch), and describes the action to make the cheese as well as the way it looks.

The key to great mozzarella is twofold: the milk and the experience. Latteria Sorrentina have been producing 100% Italian made cheese in Naples since 1880. A valued institution in the Italian cheese industry, most renowned for processing dairy products according to the Campania tradition. A profession that has been handed down five generations. Technologies change, machines change, but in their hands an ancient knowledge remains, a precious baggage of history and tradition that you find in each of their products.