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Rice Up Chocolate Coconut Bar 20 x 18G

Rice Up Chocolate Coconut Bar 20 x 18G

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A new generation of healthy snacks based on all-natural ingredients, minimal processing, functional benefits, and free-from formulas. Extremely crispy gluten-free bar of popped wholegrain brown rice, covered with plenty of chocolate. 

The innovation comes with added Magnesium and ProViotic which both offer specific health benefits in a completely safe and convenient intake. Magnesium keeps the balance of nervous and muscular systems ProViotic – is a unique technology that keeps alive and effective the probiotic bacteria to help gastric health and immunity. 

RiceUP! Brown Rice Bar is Palm Oil-free, with no added MSG and gluing agents, The innovative RiceUP! Brown Rice Bar meets the consumer demands for nutrition with added value. 

On-the-go snack 18 g The calories care