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SOSA Unassimilable Caviar Kit

SOSA Unassimilable Caviar Kit

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Caviar Box is the perfect accessory to work the spherification technique, since it allows very quickly, to elaborate a large quantity of liquid caviar balls with a lot of precision. With hardly any effort you can produce more than 96 pearls per second allowing you to make a custom production in a very short time. Ideal for high restoration and banqueting.I n addition Caviar Box is the only cavianera totally removable: its system of Quick opening allows a total cleaning with much more efficiency and speed, solving the problems of other models of similar tools. In just 20 seconds you can have mounted your Caviar Box. Manufactured entirely with polycarbonate and food silicone can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher or sterilized with boiling water all its components without any risk.