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Voiello Pasta Penne Rigate 500g

Voiello Pasta Penne Rigate 500g

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Voeillo PENNE RIGATE one of the most versatile pasta, known for its adaptability with recipes and occasions, from a traditional family lunch or official grown dinner. Try Penne Rigate with easy tomato sauce, vegetables, with or without meat and enjoy an authentic Italian meal.

  • FEATURE: Made with 100% Italian Wheat. A versatile pasta, it can be paired with almost any kind of dish and with almost any thickness of the sauce  
  • NUTRIENTS: Excellent SOURCE OF ENERGY, naturally low in fat with low glycemic index that KEEP YOU FULLER FOR LONGER
  • VOEILLO PASTA is a pantry staple, people know the classic VOEILLO brand stands for quality and a perfectly "al dente" pasta texture every time.