Wholesome Organic 100% Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey, NON GMO, Gluten Free, 454gm

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Wholesome Organic Fair Trade Honey has a distinct, delightfully decadent butterscotch essence, making it perfect for drizzling on warm biscuits, hard cheeses, and Greek yogurt. It also blends beautifully into salad dressings, protein shakes and fruit smoothies. Also try it in in your tea or coffee to add pure, sweet taste.

Made with Care
Hand-harvested from hives in South America, this honey is filtered several times to remove any hive debris, resulting in a finer, smoother and delicious honey. The hives are located deep in dedicated organic zones in the jungle, ensuring that the bees only forage on natural wildflowers, far from exposure to GMOs or other pollutants. This unpasteurized honey is similarly free from any chemical residue from pesticides, and the hives are never treated with antibiotics. Our beekeepers are committed to raising their bees and harvesting their honey in the most organic and sustainable way possible, which results in pure, delicious honey.


Fair Trade Organic Honey

Shelf Life 36 months

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